Retro Year in Sports: 1995

Impact on Fan Pockets

Major League Baseball was by far the cheapest sport to attend in the Year of Waterworld. For slightly less than $11 you could watch unlocked out millionaires in an era where only three teams (the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Colorado Rockies) were profitable. It's more than possible that a number of teams were cooking their books but officially only those three were worth owning. By contrast, today, all 30 teams are reportedly in the black.

For the 1994-95 season the average NBA ticket was $30.03 that bumped up to $31.77 for the 95-96 season. In fact, the average NBA ticket cost had increased over $9 in just five years.

The average price on the ice jumped almost $2 despite a lockout (baseball's prices went up too following their strike) to the highest total of the big four sports: $34.72.

NFL tickets were much more reasonable then they are today averaging $34 a seat. However, if prices continue to exponentially (and artificially) raise the way they did in the '90s then the average ticket will cost over $159 by 2030. That's just the seat. Not parking. Not food. Not a program you'll forget at the stadium. Just a place to watch. And if you're a Browns fan and they lose 31-3 it's tough shit.

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