Earlier this month, we told you about how RM Auctions is getting ready to sell off the infamous Lotus Espirit from the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, in September. Now, we bring you the fascinating tale behind how the submarine car was actually discovered.

According to ABC News, the car was found by a contractor from Long Island, N.Y. back in 1989 after he purchased a storage locker for $100. That's right. Looooooong before Storage Wars peaked everyone's interest and encouraged thousands of people out there to pay top dollar for unclaimed storage lockers (how's that working out for you, guys?!), the anonymous man snatched up a storage locker and later found James Bond's Lotus Espirit inside of it underneath a bunch of blankets. When he did, the thing had no wheels on it, and it was all banged up. But he's apparently restored it back to life and is now hoping to get up to $1 million for it at auction.

The car goes on sale on September 9 through RM Auctions. We'll be interested to see how much it sells for and who winds up with it. Regardless, the man selling it stands to make a pretty penny off his initial investment.

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