When NBA player Jason Collins came out and admitted that he is gay back in late April, he was immediately hailed as a hero in the sports world. And truth be told, he is a hero of sorts. It took a lot of courage for him to do what he did, and he should be applauded for it.

However, there is one person who does not think Collins necessarily deserves the "hero" tag. That person is his former fiancée Carolyn Moos. Moos, who was engaged to Collins back in 2009, talked to Cosmopolitan recently about her eight-year relationship with Collins and admitted that she was completely in the dark when it came to his sexuality. In fact, she says that he called her to tell her that he is gay just before he opened up to the rest of the world. But he failed to mention that he was going to come out by appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated. So she still has trouble accepting the truth about him and forgiving him for breaking off their engagement a few years ago.

"I empathize with Jason and support him," she told Cosmo. "But at the same time, I remain deeply hurt by him. I wish he could have been honest with me years ago. I feel like there are two Jasons now—the man I fell in love with and the man I'm trying so hard to understand. He's being hailed as a pioneer, but I believe true heroism is a result of being honest with yourself and with those you love."

You can check out the rest of the Cosmo piece over here. While Moos doesn't get into any scandalous details about her relationship with Collins, she does open up a lot about her feelings for Collins today. It's an interesting take on all the hoopla surrounding Collins coming out earlier this year.

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[via For The Win]