Survival of the fittest? Naaaaaaah, son! This is survival of the smartest.

In this video that was captured at the Kruger National Park in South Africa recently, a terrified impala is being chased by two cheetahs who look awfully hungry. And for all intents and purposes, the impala is dead meat. There's absolutely no way for him to outrun the cheetahs. But then, he does something really unexpected and daring to save his own life. He jumps into the back window of a nearby Toyota Prado.

And guess what? It works! Although the impala reemerges from the SUV just a few seconds later, the cheetahs are so thrown off by its quick thinking that they move on and look for lunch elsewhere. Way to outsmart 'em, little buddy. Now go enjoy the rest of your life.

[via Grind TV]