No, you are not reading the title of this post wrong. That really says that Floyd Mayweather's mom bought him a new Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG for the Fourth of July. Yes, for the Fourth of July. We were completely unaware of the gift-giving tradition that comes along with the Fourth of July. But apparently, it's something that goes on in the Mayweather household. And if you couldn't tell, the Fourth of July gifts are really $^%&@!# awesome!

"Thank you Mom for the 4th of July gift," Mayweather wrote on his Instagram account when he posted this photo recently. "A Mercedes-Benz G63 in matte black."

Not bad, Money May. Not bad at all. But again, a Fourth of July gift?! Well, at least we know where we're spending the Fourth next year! Eff hot dogs and fireworks. We want a Benz.

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[via Celebrity Cars Blog]