We all know that the new C7 Corvette is going to be rather efficient, due to its use of cylinder deactivation, but we were't expecting this milestone: 455 hp and 30 mpg highway. We remember only two years ago when everybody was making a big deal about how the V6 Mustang was managing 300 horse and 30 mpgs.

In actuality, the EPA has rated the C7 for 17 city and 29 highway, but that's because the highway figure is an average of how the car does in touring mode (28 mpg) and in eco mode (30 mpg). Right now, this is only for the manual transmission car, as the automatic hasn't been tested yet. In the manual, the cylinder deactivation is turned on and off manually, but in the automatic it will always be on unless the driver is using the paddle shifters, and the EPA just hasn't gotten around to playing with that yet.

Regardless, this makes the C7 even more attractive.

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[via Slash Gear