In 1992, the great Carroll Shelby and Dodge worked together to create the Viper, which was Dodge's new supercar and Shelby's spiritual successor to the Daytona Coupe. The original Viper was powerful, and spent much of its time hurting its drivers. It was either roasting them due to sub-par insulation, burning their calves with its side exhausts, or being far more car than the vast majority of drivers could handle and flinging them into a tree/off a cliff/to a different grisly doom.

Today's Viper has not only dropped the Dodge name in favor of SRT (Street & Racing Technology), but it has also grown into a supercar that retains the wild character of its predecessors but doesn't try to murder people anymore. The interior has also grown up. It's still no luxury car, but it doesn't look like an afterthought any more. It's hardcore, but it now feels like a six-figure car. Honestly, the new SRT Viper is the best one yet, and that's speaking from personal experience driving one.