Living in New York City has been a frighteningly eye-opening experience. Beyond the insane driving, you have a culture that really just doesn't know how the hell to park. I'm not sure if it's the large variety of people who move into the city, or if it's the fact that people have just become so callous that they don't care anymore, but people's bumpers are not a sacred thing here. Quite the opposite, actually.

I've talked to quite a few people who have admitted to me that they simply wait until they hit the car behind or in front of them to stop. Yes, you read that correctly. People intentionally play bumper cars in this city, just because they're too lazy (or maybe in too much of a hurry) to properly parallel park their cars. Suddenly, those stupid plastic pads and strips that we see on the front and rears of cabs don't seem so ridiculously ugly, after all.