Stats: 3.4 PPG 2.4 RPG 0.2 BPG
Teams: Suns, Hornets, Rockets
Career: (2004-2006)
Country: Poland

And with the first pick the Knicks select. Well, the first pick of the second round anyway. He never played a game for them, however, because he was involved in that legendary Stephon Marbury trade. New York drafted him at 18 solely based on "potential" because he didn't do much in the Europe pro leagues. Although, he was still projected to be a lottery pick but for whatever reason he fell to the second round. Lampe almost made the Knicks look like geniuses when he put up 17 points and seven boards in the Knicks summer league in 2003. But, of course, that wasn't the case and Lampe was a disappointment. His NBA career was over in three years.