Sunday brings even more information about football's closest thing to Chris Partlow. Aaron Hernandez hasn't been charged for the murders of Safiro Teixeira Furtado (28) and Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu (29), but he's being investigated for them. Furtado and Abreu were shot dead while waiting in a car at a traffic light on July 15, 2012.

Their families told the Boston Herald the murders may've been unplanned because the victims had no relationship with Hernandez. Jose Centeio, Furtado's cousin, said, "Whatever they got caught up with, it’s something that just happened at the moment. That’s the sad thing about it.”

Witnesses of the crime told police that a gray/silver SUV with Rhode Island license platesopened fire on Furtado and Abreu's car. On Friday, Police seized a silver SUV—which Hernandez rented—at his uncle's home.

The investigation is still developing, but Conteio made it clear what their families have been searching for since last July: “Every family member is anxious to get some kind of closure.”

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[via Boston Herald]