The Mitsuoka Himiko is Asia's answer to America's unbelievably gawdy Excalibur. Built on a Mazda MX-5 Miata platform and powered by a 167hp 2.0 four-cylinder engine, the Mitsuoka is a hard-top roadster that features a litany of awkwardly placed styling elements, including a massive front grill and a quartet of bulky rear lights that look like puss-filled pimples.

The white whale featured here was recently spotted at an upscale restaurant in Beijing, parked in front of a row of Nissan GT-Rs. According to local reports, there have been several Mitsuoka dealerships opened in major cities in China over the past year.

Buyers in China wishing to purchase a new Mistuoka will have to fork over approximately 850,000 Yuan, or 139,000 USD. Why anyone would buy this fugly roadster is beyond us.

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[via Car News China]