It hurts every single time we see it. Every time we open up a news story that involves a supercar getting into an accident because of an inexperienced driver—or, worse, because of a driver who doesn't know how to control his supercar—we think, "WHYYYYYY?!" Seriously, why must you fools jump behind the wheel of a car that you clearly can't drive? Unfortunately, we were left thinking it again late last week.

On Thursday morning, a 31-year-old driver took out three parked cars and a chain-link fence in England after he lost control of his Lamborghini Murciélago. According to the Daily Mail, the driver lost control when he was driving around a bend in the city of Leeds and drove directly into the cars before hitting the fence and then coming to a stop on a sidewalk. And, while the driver was uninjured, the same cannot be said about his car.

Take a look through the thumbs gallery above to see some photos of the wrecked car. But be sure to grab a box of Kleenex before you do. It's going to hurt. Let's just hope this guy can salvage what's left of his supercar...

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[via Daily Mail]