Rudy Gay is a good NBA player. But, what if we told you that he could even be better? No, this isn't an infomercial. You see, one of the glaring weaknesses in Gay's game is his shooting. This past season, Gay shot a dismal 36.8 percent outside of the restricted area. Not the best numbers, huh? Well, buried in an article by the National Post, which primarily discusses Bryan Colangelo's future as general manager of the Toronto Raptors, there's this little tidbit of information.

He also mentioned Gay has vision troubles that require correction in an interview on TSN Radio with myself and Dave Naylor; an NBA source says Gay has required contact lenses for years, but has refused to wear them, and could not get comfortable with goggles this season. Since his biggest problem is his shooting, maybe there is a medical way to turn him into the all-star Colangelo desires. When you're trying to hit threes, it helps if the rim appears in focus.    

C'mon, Rudy. Really?! Just bite the bullet, throw on a pair of contacts or rock some goggles and get to work! So far, Gay has done well in his career with his vision problems, averaging 18 points per game, but could you imagine his potential with 20/20 vision on the court? 

[via Sporting News]