There's no biting in soccer! And Liverpool striker Luis Suarez just found that out the hard way.

Three days after he bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic during a Premier League match, Suarez was just handed a 10-match suspension for the incident. Many believed Suarez would only receive a three-game suspension for his violent behavior on the pitch the other day. But The Football Association decided to give him a longer suspension because they feel as though him biting a player goes above and beyond the normal "violent conduct" rules.

Suarez can appeal the FA's ruling to try and get his suspension reduced. But, because this is not his first offense when it comes to biting players (he also bit a player back in 2010 during a Dutch league match), it's likely that he will be required to serve the full suspension. Stay tuned to see what Suarez decides to do.

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[via USA Today]