Event: "Five Good Minutes" on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption
Date: 10/22/2007

Joe, we all hate you. You have a dream job because your dad was a legend. You work one day a week and make millions of dollars each year. You're pretty much the least sympathetic person on the world, so don't make yourself more loathsome by passive aggressively addressing "the haters." 

In an appearance on ESPN's PTI Buck answered a question about the World Series' late start by saying "It's Fox's fault." Much to the delight of dipshit in tow, Tim McCarver, Buck continued, "We're actually responsible for Iran's nuclear program... so please, send your complaints to Fox. Whether it's the All-Star game or anything else, it's probably Fox's fault." Oh, Joe. You're sooo funny. We totally have no idea why everyone thinks you're a smug prick.