School: South Carolina
Team: Los Angeles Rams
Position: Defensive Tackle
Year: 1961
Round: 14 (186 overall)
Inducted Into HOF: 1980

An innovator of the sack and an incredibly intimidating physical presence, Jones is still widely regarded as one of football's greatest defensive players. He broke in as a rookie with the Rams and immediately helped to form the Fearsome Foursome (Rosey Grier, Lamar Lundy, and Merlin Olsen), possibly the greatest defensive line in NFL history, making eight Pro Bowls in his career. Because sack totals weren't officially recorded until 1982, Jones' exact totals are unknown; however, many people have watched the film and agree that he recorded an absurd 26 sacks in 1967 and 24 in 1968, either of which would be still-standing NFL records. And, to top it off, he accomplished all that in a 14-game season.