As we proved yesterday, bragging, even when you might not actually be telling the truth, is an integral part of the rap game. The chains, the houses, the bottles of champagne, and the cars are all part of an image that rappers build. There's a lot more to the type of car a rapper drives, though. Because each ride can be customized in so many different ways, the paint job matters, the sounds matter, and most importantly, the rims matter. 

Car rims are a culture on their own, and anthems like "Ridin' Spinners" by Three 6 Mafia and "Throw Some D's" by Rich Boy prove that they're an important part of showing off. As one of the best focal points for pictures next to cars, plenty of rappers have put their rides and their rims on display. Taste the chrome and the brake dust with these 30 Photos of Rappers Flexing With Giant Car Rims.

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