Height And Sport: 5'7", Boxing
Accolades: Pro Record of 108-6-2, 1984 WBC Superfeatherweight Champion, 1987 WBA Lightweight Champion, 1988 WBC Lightweight Champion, 1989 WBC Light Welterweight Champion, 1990 IBF Light Welterweight Champion, 1994 WBC Lightweight Champion

Widely regarded as the greatest boxer in Mexican history and Mr. KO with 87 wins by Knock Out, Chavez won six different titles in three weight classes and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011. Over the course of his career, he defeated 15 different fighters who were crowned champions at some point in their careers, and he finished with a staggering 108 total wins for his career. He holds numerous records across all weight classes, among them most title fight wins with 31 and most title defenses won by knockout with 21. That is one bad man.