When: 7/6/2010

If you're already thinking LeBron James, you're not far off. We all remember the interview, and we all remember the Big Three shooting out of a stage like Kiss at some rock concert. But even King James had to be watching Ronaldo's Madrid presentation thinking, "Damn, homie might have one-upped me on this one." When Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Real Madrid in 2009 to the tune of $128 million, he became the most expensive football transfer in history. It was on July 6 that he was given the No. 9 shirt and was presented to the media, 80,000 Madristas, and the world at the Bernabeu. CR was paraded around on a platform, waiving his hands and greeting the worshipers much like a newly appointed Pope. Trust us, that's not a stretch. Football is religion in Spain and all over Europe, and the Santiago Bernabeu is one of the continents most famous cathedrals. And you wonder why this dude has a huge ego. Just check out the spectacle for yourself.