In the Super Bowl postgame interview with ESPN, John Harbaugh talked about what he said to his brother Jim right after beating the 49ers. He said, "I told him I loved him. He said, 'Congratulations.' There's really nothing left to say. We've all been there before." Um, pretty sure about 99.9 percent of us never had to beat our brother in football's biggest game. Arguing about that last piece of baked ziti in the fridge is one thing; crushing your brother's dreams on national television is completely different. Of course, we've always wondered how awkward a dinnertime conversation would be between the two after the game.

Well, it looks like we have to wait a little longer to find the answer. John revealed last night on the David Letterman Show that the "I love you" and "Congratulations" were pretty much the last thing the two said to each other. When Letterman asked John if they've spoke since, the Super Bowl-winning coach said "I have not. We have not had a conversation since. We will...soon."

John also said Jim was also was always the favorite in the family, so we guess it sorta evens out.

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[via Black Sports Online]