In case you didn't know by now, ESPN released a pretty great feature on Michael Jordan today. It's a pretty long read, so it's understandable if a reader were to miss a few details like the shot he took at LeBron James. It's surprising to some that he'd take Kobe over LeBron because of his rings (which James doesn't care about apparently), but in the article Jordan takes it one step further and says James wouldn't have been as great in his era:

When someone on TV compares LeBron to Oscar Robertson, Jordan fumes. He rolls his eyes, stretches his neck, frustrated. "It's absolutely … " he says, catching himself. "The point is, no one is critiquing the personnel that he's playing against. Their knowledge of how to play the game … that's not a fair comparison. That's not right … Could LeBron be successful in our era? Yes. Would he be as successful? No."

But is he wrong though? According from this list, LeBron would be up against a lot of heavy competition (cough, Michael Jordan, cough).

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[via ESPN]