How was your weekend? Good? Oh, really? Let's be honest: No, it wasn't. It sucked. It was the worst. And, do you know why? Because you didn't spend Saturday night hanging out with Jalen Rose like a bunch of students in Bloomington, Indiana did! In fact, you didn't do anything even close to as cool as that.

According to a Reddit thread that got started yesterday morning, the former Michigan star kicked it at a house party until about 5 a.m. early Sunday morning with some Indiana University students and told them a bunch of ridiculous stories about his NBA days. Like, one about the time Reggie Miller's house caught on fire in 1997 (Rose apparently believes Miller's ex-wife did it). And, one about how Michael Jordan was hungover and not sick with the flu during the 1997 NBA Finals (at least, according to Jalen). And, one about how Jamaal Tinsley stayed with him for a month one time and "drank vodka more often than water." See? Awesome stories! And, if true, definitive proof that you did not have a weekend as good as those IU students did.

Peep the Reddit thread here for more ridiculous stories—and peep the thumbs to see some photos of Rose at the party. Then, ask yourself: How awesome would it have been to spend your weekend partying with Jalen Rose? From the looks of things, pretty freakin' awesome.

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[via Lost Letterman]