Until yesterday, the biggest story revolving around Reuben Foster was announcing his commitment to Alabama while sporting an Auburn tattoo on his arm. However, in 1996, it was revealed that Foster was only 18 months old when his father, Danny, allegedly shot him and his mother who suffered a collapsed lung from the incident. After fleeing Alabama and heading to California, Rueben's dad was eventually caught and sent back to Randolph County. Then, in December 1996, he escaped jail and remained a fugitive until Friday. 

Under the name Jefferson McClendon, Danny was found in Florida by US Marshals and once again, sent back to Randolph County. After discovering the news, Reuben sent out a handful tweets.

Truly heartbreaking. On Friday, Reuben's mother Inita Barry Paige spoke with AL.com and admitted that her son, as well as her other kids, would struggle with the news. “I was relieved because he got caught but I was sad because some of the pain and memories that our kids will have to go through about it," Paige said. So, as expected, Foster is in a difficult emotional state and rightfully so. As a father himself, we hope Reuben can learn and grow from this experience.  

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[via Larry Brown Sports]