Yeah, winning the Super Bowl on Sunday will be cool and all, but Colin Kaepernick has something else, equally important, on the line: free Red Robin for the rest of his life. You may be thinking to yourself that the fast food chain isn't anything special, however, in a recent profile done in the New York Daily News, Kaepernick gave quite the glowing review when he said that the first place the Niners quarterback thought of taking his financial advisor when he flew in from New York was Red Robin.   

Below, check out a portion of the open letter by CEO Steve Carley in today's San Francisco Chronicle

"No matter the outcome of Sunday's game, you'll always occupy the position at Red Robin as one of our most valued patrons. We wish you and your team all the luck in the world, and as one of YOUR biggest fans, we hope you'll consider our offer."

But does that offer beat going to Disney World?

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[via Reno Gazette-Journal]