Today is National Signing Day, the day when hundreds of high school football recruits can officially announce which college they will be playing ball at next season. And, one of the traditions of National Signing Day includes announcing your decision by rocking the hat of the school you have chosen. So, it should come no surprise to hear that Stacy Coley, one of the best wide receivers in the country, chose to go that route when he announced his decision earlier today. What was surprising, though, was the hat that the four-star recruit put on when he chose his school.

Yes, you're reading that right. His hat does say "Swag" on the front of it. Coley is going to good old Swag University in the fall! Good for him.

Just kidding. The hat is actually just a University of Miami hat with the traditional green and orange U of M colors and the word "Swag" written across the front of it. But, it caught the ESPNU crew off guard when he wore it. Still, it's a pretty ingenious way to announce your commitment to a team. And, we're not sure what this says about the state of college football, but we think that at least one or two guys will commit to Miami next year simply to wear the "Swag" hat on National Signing Day. So, bravo to whoever came up with the idea of having Coley wear it today.

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[via Dr. Saturday]