If Manti Te'o was telling the truth in his interview with ESPN earlier, then we have just seen a huge episode of Catfish. We're shocked, but somewhere out there, Colts' punter Pat McAfee is probably like, "Damn, I dodged a bullet there." That's because "a smoking hot blonde" who went by "Abigail Johnson" tried to fool him in a similar manner. McAfee ignored "her" first few attempts to contact him on Twitter because he "sucked at punting at this point," so there's no way he'd get a fan. But after a while, he finally folded and responded to a direct message.

The punter was led to further believe Miss Johnson existed after seeing other professional athletes were following her back. Finally, McAfee had a dream that made him think wait, she's "a hairy fat man at an airport." Lo and behold, he saw "Abigail Johnson" on Catfish. Make no mistake, McAfee is a winner.

See the images below to read his account of the story, which ends in perhaps one of the greatest quotes by a punter of all-time.

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[via Deadspin]