David Stern is stepping down as the NBA commissioner in February of 2014, and before he does, he should correct some wrongs. No, he won't be forgiving Roy Tarpley or welcoming Isaiah Rider back with open arms. He won't have Joey Crawford fired and committed. And if you're waiting for him to apologize to the fans in Seattle, well, get comfortable.

No, what eats at the Commish is that Steve Nash, two-time MVP, is the only multiple winner to not have a ring to go with those trophies. So, like the Wizard of Oz, Stern has a parting gift for Nash. "Sorry Robert Horry hipped you into that scorer's table - you're a champion now!" He also reportedly plans to give Kobe a heart, but those reports were unconfirmed at press time.

Sidebar: Yes, by the grace of God, the 14-28 Orlando Magic somehow make the playoffs and the Finals, too. #letthatshitburnDwight