Accomplishments (1979-1980 - 1988-1989): 3x MVP, 3x Finals MVP, 9x All-Star, 8x All-NBA, 4x Assists Leader, 2x Steals Leader, 5x Champion
Team(s): Lakers
Stats (1979-1980 - 1988-1989): 19.5 PPG 7.4 RPG 11.2 APG 2.0 SPG
'80s Highlights

Duh. This should be a no brainer. Magic and Larry saved the NBA from obscurity. Johnson had a game unlike the world had ever seen. At 6'9", he was the greatest point guard to ever play. His basketball IQ is second to none and he proved it by helping the Lakers win the Finals during his rookie year. From '83-'89, Johnson put up 20 points and 12 dimes while the Lakers won three chips. When he abruptly retired due to being infected with the HIV virus, Magic was the all-time leader in assists.