Sporting News magazine is ready to kiss the game goodbye. More than 125 years after the first issue of SN was printed and distributed—126 years, to be exact—the magazine just announced that, as of January 1, they will no longer release a monthly print publication. Instead, they've decided to shift their focus to the digital world. And, SN fans aren't particularly happy.

"Having spoken with many of our longtime subscribers, we recognize this is not a popular decision among our most loyal fans," Jeff Price, president and publisher of SN, and Garry Howard, editor-of-chief of SN, said in a joint statement on—where else?—SN's website. "Unfortunately, neither our subscriber base nor the current advertising market for print would allow us to operate a profitable print business going forward."

We can't say we're totally surprised by this, seeing as how there are now thousands of blogs and dozens of magazines for people to get their sporting news these days. But, it still sucks to see a mag like SN forced to bow out like this. Hopefully, the digital thing will work out for them.

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