Hoopist just started a new series called "Where Are They Now?" that, as you might expect, shines a light on former NBA players and asks them to talk about what they're doing these days. Their first subject is God Shammgod, the legendary NYC baller who gained a loyal cult following during his college and NBA days. And, during the course of their interview, Hoopist talks to Shammgod about everything from the current NYC basketball scene to his favorite NBA ballhandlers. But, the most noteworthy part of the interview takes place when Hoopist asks Shammgod about him training Kobe Bryant during his high school days.

"It was during the ABCD Camp when we were in high school," Shammgod says. "He really liked the way I dribbled and handled the ball, so he just came up to me and asked me if I would help him with his handle. We played on the same team during the ABCD camp and, during that time, I showed him a couple of things that helped him. And, to this day, he talks about how the things I showed him helped him."

Interesting stuff. To read more about Shammgod, head over here to check out the rest of the interview.

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[via Hoopist]