Brandon Jacobs Tried to Get the 49ers to Cut Him Recently and Failed Miserably

Brandon Jacobs Tried to Get the 49ers to Cut Him Recently and Failed MiserablyKelly L. Cox/USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jacobs isn't happy with the way the 49ers have used him this season. When he left the Giants to sign with San Francisco in the offseason, he thought he'd have a bigger role with the team. But, through 13 games, he's carried the ball less than 10 times. So, recently, he went on an Instagram/Twitter rant where he talked about "rotting away" on the Niners bench in the hopes that it'd encourage them to cut him from the team. And, once he was freed from his contractual obligations in the Bay Area, he reportedly planned on going back to New York City to try and earn his old job back from the G-Men.

Only one problem: The 49ers caught onto his plan and nixed it. Rather than cut him with just three games remaining in the 2012-13 NFL season, they decided to suspend him for the rest of the year. So, now, Jacobs will be stuck on the sidelines throughout the remainder of this season—and there's a good chance that he won't be picked up by anyone after this year because of the distraction he created in San Francisco.

Yikes. Sounds like someone should have thought out their master plan a little bit better, eh?

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[via New York Daily News]

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