Ahhhhhhh! When will these athletes learn? Yet another one just got into trouble because of something he posted on Twitter.

Last month, Liverpool midfielder Suso put a photo of his teammate Jose Enrique getting his teeth whitened. And, the caption he decided to go with for the photo was a real doozy. "This guy is gay," he wrote. "He does everything except play football."

Ha, ha, ha. Real funny. Except, well, it wasn't. And, Suso seemed to realize that almost immediately, because he took the photo down briefly before putting it back up with the caption, "I dunno what to say…" But, the English Football Federation still got wind of what he wrote the first time and decided to fine him 10,000 pounds for his transgression—or roughly $16,000.

We give up. These guys will never learn. Peep the offensive tweet in the thumbs.

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[via SI]