Ndamukong Suh got some good news yesterday when the NFL revealed that they won't be suspending him for what he did to Matt Schaub's groin on Thanksgiving. But, there is also some bad news to report on Suh. Last week, the Lions defensive tackle received a traffic ticket for allegedly traveling at a very high speed in a Detroit suburb. Although the ticket hasn't made its way to court yet, Suh was charged with failure to use due care and caution after he was pulled over in his black Range Rover on November 15.

This, of course, is not the first traffic incident Suh has been involved in. There was a report about him allegedly cutting a man off and then threatening him last month. And, last year, he was involved in an accident that he allegedly tried to lie about later. A woman, who was in the car with Suh at the time, later sued Suh due to injuries she sustained in the crash.

Is it just us, or is Ndamukong Suh starting to become more trouble than he's worth for the Lions? Geesh.

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[via USA Today]