While we do miss the recently departed RX-8, and we miss the fire-spitting RX-8 Grand Am cars even more, the rotary engined sports car that we miss the most is the RX-7. Luckily for us, and the world of motorsport, Mazda has confirmed that work has begun on a new RX-7 that will be more powerful, lighter, faster, and more efficient than the RX-8. 

The 1.6L 16X rotary engine is said to be capable of 300 horsepower, and that it will feature SKYACTIV technology so that it will meet or exceed the Euro 6 emission standard. Purists can sleep easy as well, as MX-5 manager Nobuhiro Yamamoto said of the car "For a pure sportscar, it must be internal combustion" when asked if any hybridization might occur.

The sad part, you're going to have to wait until 2017 to buy one; at least you have plenty of time to save.

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[via CarSales.com.au]

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