Lindsey Vonn has dominated the ski slopes during races against other women. So, she wants to try something different—she wants to race against men. And, in an attempt to do so, she recently petitioned top ski officials to try and get them to allow her race against the men at a World Cup downhill race in Alberta, Canada later this month.

"This is something that I personally want to do," she told The New York Times when asked about the event that is scheduled to take place on November 24. "I'm not trying to race the whole men's tour; I just want to race one time. If you know me, which most people on the World Cup do, they know that this is a legitimate goal of mine and not a publicity stunt…Lake Louise [where the World cup event will be held] has always been my favorite course on the World Cup tour. It's a place where I feel I can be the most competitive against the men, and that's what I want to see—how I can stack up against them."

Race officials haven't decided whether or not they'll allow Vonn to race against men yet. But, we say: MAKE IT HAPPEN! With all due respect, this is skiing we're talking about. And, even if Vonn doesn't want to use the race as a publicity stunt, it will get people talking and generate interest in an event that would probably be ignored by the mainstream media otherwise. So, why not have her race?

Click through the thumbs and tell us that you wouldn't watch if Lindsey Vonn raced against guys. Go ahead. We dare you...

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[via NYT]