Fiat, intent on continuing the thus far successful invasion of America, has unveiled three new models at the LA Auto Show today. Yes, they all still look like particularly stylish mid-century toasters.

Fiat 500L
If you know what a Mini Countryman is, you know what a 500L is; it's a cute compact that has been poked, prodded, stretched, and massaged into being a small SUV with four doors. Because the 500L is so much longer than the regular 500, Fiat has fitted it with the 160hp/184ft-lb 1.4L MultiAir turbo engine that is regularly found in the Abarth. We are a bit worried, as the press release doesn't mention the driven wheels at all. If this isn't offered with AWD we'll be sorely disappointed.

Fiat 500C Abarth
We adore the Abarth; we had more fun tossing it than we did in many other, much more exotic cars, and we think that the removal of the roof will just make the experience that much better. The Abarth has one of the greatest engine  sounds money can buy right now, so a convertible is solid gold.

Fiat 500E
Of course there's an electric 500. It's a cutesy, fuel efficient, imported hatchback, which means that a significant portion of the target audience is already considering the purchase of a Leaf. The motor produces 111hp and 147 ft-lbs of torque, so don't expect it to be fast, just lively.


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[via Fiat]

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