Less than three months ago, James Eagan Holmes walked into a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. while The Dark Knight was playing, opened fire, and ended up killing 12 people and injuring 58 others. It was a tragedy and, truth be told, it's going to take the people of Aurora a long, long time to recover from it. So, it's probably not wise for anyone, let alone a professional football player, to make jokes about it. But, that's exactly what Denver Broncos cornerback Tony Carter did last night when he went to go see a movie in Denver.

"At a late night movie in Denver y'all," he wrote on his Twitter page. "pray for me!"

The tweet immediately caught the attention of tons of Twitter users, including the mother of aspiring journalist Jessica Gwahi who died in the shooting. And, she wasted no time calling Carter out for his tweet.

For what's it worth, Carter did delete the tweet earlier today, and he also apologized for his terrible lapse in judgment:

But, come on, dude. The phrase "too soon" doesn't even begin to describe how poorly you timed your joke. What a fail.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]