Did you bet on the Packers last night? Sucks to be you! Unless, of course, you happen to live outside of the U.S. and do your betting on Sportsbook.com. If you do, they're reportedly offering refunds in the form of free plays to try and help console you.

We've got some bad news for those bettors inside of the U.S., though. Sportsbook.ag—the site used by U.S. customers—will not be offering refunds. This is basically a PR stunt by Sportsbook (pay off a few bettors outside of the U.S. to make it appear like you're a compassionate sportsbook) so you won't be getting anything in the deal. Seems fair, right? Ha. Thanks for kicking us while we're down, guys!

Anyone up for bombarding the Sportsbook staff with complaints about the outcome of the game to see if it works? Holler at us if you're successful. Oh, and this should go without saying, but just because Sportsbook is offering refunds doesn't mean your bookie is. So, don't try bombarding him with, well, anything. OK?

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[via Beyond the Bets]