Date: 7/23/2012
The NCAA slammed Penn State's football program after the Freeh Report revealed University president Graham Spanier, head coach Joe Paterno, athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz tried to cover-up Jerry Sandusky's behavior for nearly a decade. The sanctions resulted in a $60 million fine, a four-year bowl ban, loss of scholarships and a vacation of wins dating back to 1998.

As a result of those vacated wins, Joe Paterno is no longer the winningest coach in NCAA football history and his statue at the university has been taken down. The higher-ups allowed Sandusky to use the facilities after he retired and turned a blind eye whenever he had a kid with him. The tarnishing of Paterno's legacy will never amount to what they let happen to those children. Penn State is lucky to still have a football program.