Dura-Ace has formally introduced its new 9000 series components, pedals, and wheels with a basket full of helpful new features. Standing out are the rider-tuned gearing, the new 11-speed cassette, 20 percent more powerful brakes, and the advanced electronic Di2 shifting system. Shimano is also offering a new touch screen "Flight Deck" that wirelessly transmits rider data and tracks your trips. Hit page two for the compenents press release and page three for the wheels. 

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Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Shifts Expectations

New Comprehensive Road Offering Includes 9000 Series Components, Pedals and Wheels for Road Riding and Racing

IRVINE, Calif. (June 1, 2012) – Shimano’s heritage and leadership in road racing prevails with the all-new Dura-Ace 9000 line, a comprehensive offering of components, pedals and wheels. New Dura-Ace 9000 series products combine iconic, stylish designs with premium technologies and performance. Shimano systems engineering resulted in the new 11-speed component group that as a system delivers improved function, rider benefits and wider gearing options at less weight than the previous generation.

  • The best shifting in the peloton – New lighter action and short throw features in Dura- Ace ST-9000 dual control levers reduce shifting effort nearly in half. The shorter stroke shifter-derailleur combination produces a balanced lighter effort and quicker shifting system while Shimano Vivid Index technology better defines click engagement. The ST- 9000 release lever stroke has now been reduced by 30%. The short stroke 11-speed RD-9000 rear derailleur reduces shifting effort by 47% while the FD-9000 delivers lighter and quicker front shifting with 43% less effort at the end of the lever stroke. The full system shift effort reduction is attainable with the new Shimano cable system.

  • Near perfect hood ergonomics – The reduced diameter bracket enabled significant improvements to hood and lever ergonomics, creating a reduced volume hood and refined lever shape that allow better control and a more comfortable hand position. The lever offers 10mm of reach adjust.

  • Rider Tuned gearing comes to Dura-Ace – The new 11-speed cassette and new crank set gearing options bring Shimano’s Rider Tuned drive train philosophy to Dura- Ace 9000. The new 4-arm Hollowtech II FC-9000 crank set offers two new chain ring combinations in 52-36T and 52-38T creating gearing options ranging from 55-42T to 50- 34T all on a single spider for all gearing combinations. The new 4-arm crank design maintains high rigidity yet drops significant weight for the system. Dura-Ace 9000 includes two improved bottom brackets, threaded and press-fit. The new Rider Tuned CS-9000 cassette benefits from improved Hyperglide shifting and maintains Dura-Ace level durability. Rider Tuned gearing options include 11-23x25x28 / 12-25x28.

  • More powerful, controllable brakes for more bicycle types – Redesigned Dura-Ace 9000 brakes offer smoother, lighter operation with increased modulation and up to 20% more power. The new short arm brake calipers feature a new two axle symmetric pivot design that reduces friction, improves efficiency and offers 10% more power in the caliper alone. Two caliper options and multiple brake pad options will provide greater compatibility with more bicycle types and uses. The standard mounting BR-9000 caliper will be joined by a new direct mount BR-9010 caliper ideally suited for aero road bikes in addition to a new SM-CB90 in line cable adjuster that can benefit aero bikes. New, thinner brake pad options will be offered for wider rim sizes up to 28mm.

  • New chain, cabling system improve total system performance - The new Dura-Ace CN-9000 chain is no longer directional and offers 20% higher durability due to special PTFE plating. A new cabling system creates significantly lighter and quicker shifting and braking performance due to a new material polymer coating that reduces the sliding resistance.

  • New Dura-Ace pedals expand the Rider Tuned concept – As a system, the new PD- 9000 SPD-SL carbon pedals offer wider fit positioning adjustability and a new cleat that balances stability and freedom all in the pursuit of improved efficiency. A new SPD-SL compatible cleat, SM-SH12, will be a standard option of the PD-9000. The front center pivoting, minimal float (+- 1 degrees) cleat restricts toe movement and eliminates lateral play. A new 4mm longer axle version of the pedal will also be offered to allow optimal alignment for a wider range of cyclists.

    Dura-Ace 9070 Di2: Shimano’s Lightest, Most Advanced Di2 System

    New Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 is Shimano’s lightest and most advanced electronic shifting system that maintains the competition-proven precision and efficiency of the Di2 platform. The Dura- Ace 9070 Di2 system is more compact, lighter weight, more ergonomic and offers new plug- and-play benefits and enhanced function from new generation Di2 E-tube electronics. The new Flight Deck integrated cycle computer offers touch screen control and wireless data from ANT+ systems. When used with the new SM-BTR2 internal seat post battery, Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 can achieve a lighter weight than a Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical group.

  • Electronic Rider Tuned gearing – the new Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 system expands Shimano’s Rider Tuned philosophy with electronic shifting supporting either 10 or 11- speed drivetrains. The system supports new Dura-Ace 9000 Rider Tuned gearing options in the 11-speed rear cassettes that offer up to 28T capacity.

  • Improved lever ergonomics, function – The new ST-9070 dual control lever has the same new compact shifter hood ergonomics and braking compatibility as ST-9000 and shifter ergonomics are improved due to new wider shifter buttons. The ST-9070 dual control lever will now feature a programmable multi-shift function when set up through the PC based E-Tube Project Software.

  • Compact, lighter weight 9070 derailleurs - The new FD-9070 front and RD-9070 rear derailleurs are both more compact, lighter weight and offer more clean cable routing options. Both new derailleurs are E-tube compatible.

  • Plug and play electronics and rider-specific options – Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 will present the most Di2 connectivity options to date through new generation E-tube compatible electronics and wiring. Four shifter options will be available for 9070 Di2 including traditional drop handlebar ST-9070 dual control levers, TT handlebar SW-9071 shifters, the SW-R610 sprint shifter and the SW-R600 satellite shifter. New multi-port junction boxes, additional ports built into the ST-9070 levers and multiple wiring lengths enable easy plug and play installation. The new SM-BTR2 internal seat post battery enables an internal power source for cleaner wiring and aesthetics.

  • Greater ease of use and system flexibility – The Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 system with new E-tube compatible electronics and wiring now enables a bike-mounted programmable shifting layout, function and system information through the new Flight Deck computer. The new E-tube Junction A enables more shifter connectivity ports including a charging/diagnostic port which is especially favourable for the new internal SM-BTR2 seat post battery. Internal and external junction boxes, battery and mounting accessories will continue to be available.

New Flight Deck Enables Touch Screen Ant+ Compatible Wireless Data

The new SC-R770 E-tube compatible Flight Deck integrated cycle computer features a touch panel interface and customized display for various common cycle computer functions. The Flight Deck is Ant+ sensor compatible and offers wireless data transmission of rider data. Integrating with the Di2 digital system, the Flight Deck communicates data through the new E- Tube SM-EW90-F 5-port junction box.

New Dura-Ace Wheels Debut “Blade” and “Accelerating Speed” Concepts

Shimano re-establishes its leadership in premium performance wheels with seven all-new wheel sets that showcase a new design philosophy and new technologies. New Dura-Ace road wheels utilize two design concepts that embrace growing trends in wheel design and address the needs of elite level racers and triathletes.

The “Blade” concept is Shimano’s first fully committed effort to develop aerodynamically efficient wheels. The new Blade rim profile is the result of wind tunnel and real world time trial and triathlete feedback and validation. The “Accelerating Speed” concept is an evolution of one of Shimano’s original Dura-Ace guiding principles of delivering the most efficient power transfer systems in the racing world.

Key technologies and structural elements implemented in the new Dura-Ace 9000 wheel sets include extra wide hub flanges and offset rims, Opt-Bal 2:1 spoke lacing and the D2 wide rim design.  


Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Wheels

The design concepts of the new generation Dura-Ace 9000 wheels created products specifically engineered with attributes that are required by specific racing disciplines. The BLADE concept development is Shimano’s first fully committed effort to develop an aerodynamically superior wheel; the new rim profile is the result of countless hours in the wind tunnel and real world time trial and triathlete professionals’ feedback and validation. The accelerating SPEED concept is an evolution of one of Shimano’s original Dura-Ace guiding principles of delivering the most efficient power transfer systems in the racing world, by constructing ultra-lightweight, stiff and durable rims.

Extra Wide hub flange & offset rims

Combining both extra wide hub and offset rim structural elements delivers a class-leading torsional and laterally rigid wheel that boosts power transfer efficiency. A wider hub flange increases the triangulation base between the two hub flanges and the rim bed. Consequently maximizing lateral rigidity, off-set rims reduce the spoke angle on the cassette side to provide increased lateral rigidity and a more uniform spoke tension between the drive and non-drive sides.

OptBal 2:1 lacing

The Shimano 21-spoke rear wheel features 14 drive-side spokes and 7 non-drive spokes. The 14 drive spokes are laced in a 3-cross pattern that are perfectly tangent to the hub flange. The 7 non-drive spokes are radially laced; these non-drive spokes pull twice as hard against the drive side spokes, effectively increasing the tension on the non-drive side. Half as many spokes on one side of the wheel actually increases lateral stiffness because spoke tension is optimally balanced on both sides. The OptBal 2:1 spoke system effectively maintains the same amount of driving spokes as a 28-hole wheel with the benefit of balanced spoke tension on both sides for longer wheel durability and fewer spoke failures.

Shimano D2 Wide rim design

Shimano’s wind tunnel testing results revealed that balancing the benefits of an aerodynamic rim profile with the ability to be able to control the cross-wind effects was our engineer’s primary objective. Through numerous prototype trials and validating rider feedback we concluded that our D2 23/24mm wide rim shape with a deeper tire bed, (when matched with 23~25mm tires), was the optimal rim profile for most riding conditions. A wider rim also increases lateral stiffness and offers greater vertical compliance for more control, comfort, and durability on a broader range of surfaces.

100% in-house production

Shimano’s proprietary rim production process yields not only a durable and reliable rim construction but also a precise braking track. Shimano factory-made cup & cone angular contact bearings offer great strength and super smooth rotation with longer durability, due their ability to effectively displace lateral and vertical loads. Shimano’s legendary production QC standards and 100% hand-built techniques achieve an unmistakably superior ride quality.


WH-9000-C24-CL 24mm Carbon/Alloy Laminate Clincher

  • Carbon laminate construction rim (~383g)

  • Off-set rim with wide flange hub

  • 100% Ti FH body

  • 1364g

  • MSRP$1399.99

    WH-9000-C24-TL 24mm Carbon/Alloy Laminate Tubeless Clincher

  • Shimano Road Tubeless and tube compatible rim

  • Carbon laminate construction rim (~420g)

  • Off-set rim with wide flange hub

  • 100% Ti FH body

  • 1454g

  • MSRP $1499.99

    WH-9000-C35-CL 35mm Carbon/Alloy Laminate Clincher

  • Opt-Bal 2:1 lacing

  • Carbon laminate construction rim (~439g)

  • Extra wide flange hub (+7mm)

  • 100% Ti FH body

  • 1488g

  • MSRP $2199.99

    WH-9000-C35-TU 35mm Carbon Tubular

  • Opt-Bal 2:1 lacing

  • 100% Carbon construction rim (~362g)

  • Off-set rim with extra wide flange hub (+7mm)

  • 100% Ti FH body

  • 1362g

  • MSRP $2999.99

    WH-9000-C50-CL 50mm Carbon/Alloy Composite Clincher

  • 23mm D2 rim profile

  • Opt-Bal 2:1 lacing

  • Carbon/Alloy construction

  • Extra wide flange hub (+7mm)

  • Hidden nipples

  • 100% Ti FH body

  • 1672g

  • MSRP $2399.99

    WH-9000-C50-TU 50mm Carbon Tubular

  • 24mm D2 rim profile

  • Opt-Bal 2:1 lacing

  • 100% High modulus carbon construction

  • Extra wide flange hub (+7mm)

  • Hidden nipples

  • 100% Ti FH body

  • 1449g

  • MSRP $3199.99

    WH-9000-C75-TU 75mm Carbon Tubular

  • 24mm D2 rim profile

  • Opt-Bal 2:1 lacing

  • 100% High modulus carbon construction

  • Extra wide flange hub (+7mm)

  • Hidden nipples

  • 100% Ti FH body

  • 1545g

  • MSRP $3499.99