Maybe you've seen this before. Maybe you haven't. Either way, watch it today.

Before Michael Jordan won a single NBA title, he sat down with Pat Riley in 1991 for an interview and talked about why he didn't want to play Magic Johnson and the Lakers in the NBA Finals, why he was considering not playing on the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, and why he felt that his career would not be tarnished if he wasn't able to win a championship.

"I would much rather win," he said, "but, if I don't, I'm not going to look back at my career and say it was tarnished because I never won a world championship."

Wow. Knowing what we know now, that just sounds silly. But, can you imagine how much MJ would have been ridiculed for making those comments if sports blogs existed back in 1991? Just ask LeBron James.

If you want some perspective on how things have changed in the world of sports because of blogs—or you just really, really love MJ and want to see some rare footage of him—this interview will give it to you.

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[via The Sports Fan Journal]