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8. Bill Laimbeer vs the Celtics

Date: 5/23/1987 & 5/26/1987
Teams: Detroit Pistons vs. Boston Celtics
Round: Game 3 and Game 5, Conference Finals
Winner: The Celtics
Everyone hates Bill Laimbeer. During Game 3 of the '87 Eastern Conference Finals, Laimbeer put Larry Bird into a sleeper hold while Bird was attempting a layup. A flagrant foul was called and Bill was fined $5,000.

In Game 5, Robert Parish was fed up with Bill's antics and punched him three times in the head after Laimbeer came down with a rebound right in front of an official. At the time, only a foul was called on the Big Chief, but upon further review after the game, the league suspended Parish for Game 6. The Pistons lost in seven games.

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