When you have as much chatter and anticipation as there is surrounding the upcoming redesign for the 2015 Ford Mustang, it's just a matter of time before people jump the gun and guess what it'll look like. A few months ago, Popular Hot Rodding took a stab, and now TopSpeed made its best attempt. 

Ford has been rumored to be dropping the retro look that made the Mustang so successful in recent years to go with a more modern approach that can help expand the global push. We're a little bit confused by TopSpeed's rendering, though. First, they say that the 'stang will be inspired by the Ford Evos Concept, which you can see in the subsequent pictures. Then, they go on to say that the popular muscle car will keep its popular round headlights and shark-nosed grille. The rendering just looks straight from the Evos and has no round headlights. Plus, we've already seen this front end in the 2013 Ford Fusion. Regardless, renderings are just that: Renderings. There's no telling what the real outcome will look like. 

[via TopSpeed]