As we told you last night, Metta World Peace has already been suspended by the NBA for seven games for elbowing James Harden in the back of the head during the Lakers/Thunder game on Sunday night. So, he really had nothing to gain—or lose—by issuing an apology at this point. But, shortly after the suspension was handed down last night, World Peace still took some time to craft an apology for his actions on Sunday. And, by "some time," we mean all of about 30 seconds or so.

"I apologize to the Oklahoma City Thunder fans and the OKC organization," he said in a statement posted on his site. "I look forward to getting back on the floor with my teammates and competing for the Lakers fans."

Yep, that's the apology in its entirety. No mention of Harden, the elbow, or his thoughts on the suspension. Super heartfelt, right? Maybe he's planning on coming up with something better with all the free time he'll have on his hands now.

[via Ron Artest]

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