We're not going to lie to you. The pictures of Jasmin Pacheco (@JasminPacheco) that we have here are not the best ones that we could find of her. The problem? We have one requirement of our Rides Girls: They have to at least try to be fully-clothed. And there are literally dozens of AMAZING shots of Jasmin out there...but they all feature her topless. She's covering up the "girls" strategically in the shots, but she's still not wearing a top. So, we're sorry, but we can't show 'em.

No worries, though. That's what Google is for, right? In the meantime, even when she is wearing all her clothes, it's not hard to see why this 24-year-old California girl has been selected by publications like Nutek and Wheels & Heels to show her stuff of in front of the camera. No lie, she's one of the hottest import girls we've ever seen. Just see for yourself.