In case you couldn't tell, we here at Complex Sports can appreciate a great unibrow. And that's exactly what University of Kentucky center Anthony Davis has. Unfortunately, that's going to work against him tomorrow when the Wildcats play their hated rivals, the Louisville Cardinals. He's probably going to hear every unibrow joke in the book from the Louisville faithful. But, you know what? He really doesn't give a shit. During a talk with a group of reporters yesterday, he even admitted that he enjoys when people make fun of him for it.

"A young girl got on her knees and bowed down to me like I was a king," he said while recanting some of the things he's heard in the past. "And [she] said, 'Bow to the 'brow!' She was like 5 or 6. I just started laughing."

He can probably expect to hear way worse than that tomorrow. But, hey: It kinda comes with the territory, right?

[via Lost Letterman]

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