Telsa Motors has been hiding something from us and from the people who were crazy enough to give the company their hard earned $109,000 in exchange for a semi-experimental automobile. That something is that if the battery of any of Tesla's cars is totally drained it will make the car totally useless. It won't start, it won't charge, and it can't even be pushed. The battery will need a nice $32,000 replacement. This is not covered by the "bumper-to-bumper" warranty or insurance. To quote Tesla, "it's a brick."

We're not just talking about people who stupidly drive their cars until no range is left either. If a Tesla Roadster is left unplugged it will lose 50% of its charge in a week and go from 100% to brick status in under three months. Driving to the airport (and thus draining the charge) and going on vacation for a few weeks could be disastrous. 

Don't worry though, Tesla is already using GPS trackers to monitor your every move in an attempt to prevent the bricking of Tesla cars. Creepy.

[via The Understatement]