Though it may not seem like it, sports x style is a combo that goes together more often than you think. Examples of the pairing can be seen in everything from a fan rocking a vintage snapback of their favorite team to the sad but common case of an athlete with an ugly haircut. But as the latter suggests, the combo isn't always a pretty one. Just ask any of the Toronto Raptors who played during the mid '90s.

Members of those teams wore some of the ugliest uniforms in sports history. Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley reportedly thought the same and had these eloquent comments for Toronto players as the Knicks faced the Raptors in 1995:

“Dinosaurs, brotha? If I was you, I’d f—in’ kill myself,” said Mason. Oakley expressed his disgust by saying, "Those jerseys come with cum stains on ‘em?"

Uhh...OK. #nuffsaid?

[via The Basketball Jones]

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