Outside of modeling, Miss Genna (@Genna_G) has a variety of interests. She does hair and makeup. She's a full-time student majoring in marketing. And she also works full-time as an assistant manager at a teen clothing store. But her true passion is standing in front of a camera. And, why the hell not? She looks great doing it—and she's done it hundreds and hundreds of time now.

Since making her debut at several Cali-based car shows a few years ago, Genna has appeared in Import Tuner, Sport Truck, Super Street, Performance Auto & Sound, and a host of other car mags. She's also been featured at a handful of car-related events. And she played a small part in Fast & Furious, the fourth F&F film. So even if none of her other hustles work out, we're pretty sure she'll do just fine with this modeling thing. Hey, it's worked out for her so far, right?

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