When you think of all the pregame chants that are used across the world of sports, none could be as offensive or unnecessary as the one used by the Kenmore East High School girls basketball team. While in the locker room before the start of a game, all but one player would yell out "One, two, three, N***er!" That one girl is only African-American player on the team, Tyra Batts. Clearly offended by the chant, Batts tried to address the issue with her teammates, but according to The Buffalo News, things only got worse.

During a later practice scrimmage game, she said she and another teammate exchanged words over some physical roughness on the court. Tyra said she “said something dumb,” after which her teammate called her “a black piece of [expletive].” Then on Monday, she said, she saw the girl in school, threw her into a locker, choked and punched her. “It was a buildup of anger and frustration at being singled out of the whole team,” she said. Both girls were suspended for fighting. 

Fortunately, the school is finally addressing the issue but for all that Tyra has already had to go through, we feel for you.

[via SportsGrid]

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